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THE premier semi-pro soccer league in the DMV!

THE premier semi-pro soccer league in the DMV!


What Makes the MSSL Unique?

 The Maryland Super Soccer League exists to provide core principles to its teams.

  1. Convenience: The league exists to provide the highest level of competition, without having to travel unreasonably, burdensome distances at this time.  We believe there is enough talent right in our backyard to host a top elite-amateur league

  2. Representative Membership: Each team receives one vote, and all major decisions, from by-laws to new team admissions, are decided by vote of quorum in our meetings. These meetings include lots of discussion, and we try to work together to enact solutions rather than voting “against” one another. 

  3. Fair and unbiased governance:  We believe merit should be the only decider of success for teams, and the commissioner exists to prevent unfair conflicts-of-interest, not to create them.  I, as the commissioner, don’t receive a vote. Instead, I help foster productive conversation, and put into action the policies decided by the teams.  Additionally, although I am a player, I am barred from playing or coach in this league.  I serve as a completely independent adjudicator.

  4. Fair play and respect.  We hold each other to high standards with regards to respecting each other, referees, fans and all authorities. No sort of violence or verbal abuse is tolerated. The member teams are always ready to vote by quorum to expel any team that violates the MSSL’s rules of conduct.

  5. Media Coverage: Our league seeks to showcase the product we have assembled by means of social media coverage, live streaming, recorded matches, etc.  We feel that fans deserve access to their favorite teams, and we aim to foster mutual excitement between fans and players

We truly treat each new member of the MSSL as a member of a family, and we aim to keep it that way. 

Very simply, our model is a model of the people!

Unlike other leagues where fees and dues serve to be the income of an individual or a handful of people, which leads to conflict of interests and a lack of attention and investment in the league, the MSSL purports to serve the member teams. Essentially, the success of the member teams and their players are the primary focus of the MSSL, which, by extension, is the community at large.

The MSSL is intended to give teams a voice in how they want their league to be run.  Most, if not all our teams, came from one of these leagues.  I don’t want to disparage any person or league, but the general sentiment is that, these leagues didn’t have the interest of all clubs in mind with some of their decisions.  As expected, some proprietors of other leagues, who are feeling threatened by the MSSL, obviously due to the caliber and quality of the teams who have joined the MSSL, have complained that the MSSL is detracting from progress towards a unified “pro-rel” structure by cannibalizing these leagues. Nothing could be further from the truth. To the contrary, the MSSL espouses the “pro-rel” model of competition. 

What we mean by “ownership” in the MSSL is that, as of now, the league is totally financed by registration fees and donations from member clubs.  Team registration is $1300/season (a fraction of what other leagues charge because the goal is not for any one person to be “rich”; instead, we are focused on producing a high level of quality games that is based in merit and is affordable) and player registration is $30/season, and these funds finance league operation, startup costs, and potential field needs. 

We, however, are actively in dialogue with potential sponsors. In that sense, we are incredibly, fortunate and poised to attract willing sponsors due to the caliber of teams, their general competitive nature, their following, fan base, and accomplishments of teams in the MSSL. With our intent to record and stream live games, we will increase our viewership exponentially. We will maintain our sovereignty of decision-making, but will offer exposure to potential partners.

Teams are selected according to their merit in past competitions, fair play on the field, and how they are known to interact with other teams off the field.  I, as the commissioner, am constantly on the lookout for potential future clubs, but in the end, it is the member teams who decide which new member clubs are accepted.


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